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        1. Museum Of Death admission tickets are purchased in person upon arrival at either location. There are no advance, or online sales, but don't worry -- the Museum does not "Sell Out" on any day.

          We will be open during regular hours on Labor Day at both locations!

          Photographs and/or videos of any type (cellphones included) are strictly prohibited within the museum. (Respect for the dead!)
          Doing so will have you immediately removed from the premises- Thank you for your consideration and cooperation.

          New Location in New Orleans, Louisiana!

          MOD in NOLA:
          227 Dauphine St.
          New Orleans, LA

          (504) 593-3968
          $15 admission (+tax)

            Open 7 days a week!
            Mon-Thur: 10am - 6pm
            Fri-Sun: 10am - 7pm

          Open Daily in Hollywood!

          MOD in Hollywood:
          6031 Hollywood Blvd.
          Hollywood, CA

          (323) 466-8011
          $17 admission

            Sun-Thu: 10am - 8pm
            Fri: 10am - 9pm
            Sat: 10am - 10pm

          R.I.P. Buddy, the Museum of Death Hollywood's faithful watchdog       Learn more »
          The World Famous Museum of Death was founded in 1995 to fill the void in death education in the USA. With locations in Los Angeles and New Orleans, the Museum of Death is a self guided tour lasting approximately an hour, but those who can stomach it may stay as long as they'd like.       Read more »
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